(Candidate should pass the theory test to do these courses)

One Week  Intensive Course.

This course is ideal for those who are in a hurry, who could not otherwise find the time.

The one week pass course usually start any day finish within a week or ten days.

Semi-intensive course would be a better option as it is less intensive and can be taken over 2 to 10 weeks to suit you. The course is usually tie up with the last week or second last week of driving test or depending on your personal preference. (Whenever candidate chose)

Course Includes 30 hours of driving lessons.

The in-car training provided is 30 to 40 hours on a one pupil to one instructor basis.

(We need about 2 notice before starting this course)


Semi-intensive course

(Course includes 30 to 40 hours of driving lessons)

The Semi-intensive pass course is spread over two or more weeks to suit you and your instructor's schedule. This course is very popular and successful form of intensive training. It is designed for people who want to pass the test quickly but at a comfortable pace. 



Midway Course

This course is ideal for those who have already learned the basic control skills of driving. The course can be completed in a week or spread over several depending upon your needs and instructors schedule.

The in-car training provided is 20 hours or (depends on candidate need).


The Test Booster Course

This is an ideal for learners who are near test standard and just need a short burst of lessons prior to the test. It is also great for those who have taken a test before or have come up to test standard in the past but have not had any lessons recently.

The in-car training provided is 15 hours on a one to one basis.

Prices for intensive courses:

12 hours: £325

20 hours: £540

24 hours: £650

30 hours: £805

40 hours: £1070

Timing for intensive courses:

09:30 am  to 01:30 pm = 4
Hours of one lesson

04:00 pm to 08:00 pm = 4 Hours of one


The average waiting time for theory tests is 1-2 weeks approximately.

The average waiting time for practical tests is 3-5 weeks approximately.

To book an intensive course the FULL amount must be paid in advance or at the start of the first lesson.